Electrostatic technology offers a new way to clean, sanitize and disinfect anywhere and everywhere. It’s extremely useful and versatile, but how does it work? What exactly is electrostatic technology?

What does Electrostatic mean?

Electrostatic is defined as “of or relating to static electricity or electrostatics; of or relating to painting with a spray that utilizes electrically charged particles to ensure complete coating”.

Volt Electrostatic Disinfectant Sprayers from X-Stream Clean work by positively charging the liquid inside the device (cleaners, sanitizers, or disinfectants); when the trigger is pulled, the liquid is charged inside of the gun to avoid shock risks as a result of a fully charged tank of solution and is then sent out into the environment. These charged particles repel each other, forcing them to spread out across surfaces and create a uniform coating around them.


Most object and surfaces have a negative (or neutral) charged-- opposites attract, and the positively charged cleaning liquid is drawn toward whatever it's sprayed at. The spray will cling to its target and wrap around it, enveloping it in the cleaning product. 

Benefits of Electrostatic Spraying

Traditional spray bottles have small ranges and the particles layer on top of each other when sprayed out, leading to more saturated areas on your surfaces-- this means uneven disinfection. Since electrostatic sprayers charge the spray particles, they allow your cleaning solution to wrap around surfaces and objects, giving uniform coverage.

With the easy trigger hold design and particle wrapping, disinfection is extremely quick; this makes it a popular and convenient solution to cleaning large and public areas. This way, locations like office buildings, schools, hospitals, waiting rooms and more can be completely coated and treated in a matter of minutes. With the COVID-19 pandemic increasing disinfection and sanitization requirements, electrostatic sprayers have become a massive asset for keeping such public spheres open and safe.

X-Stream Clean Volt sprayers also have nozzle options that allow for various coverages, offering 40-, 80- and 120-micron misting nozzles for different droplet sizes, and they’re battery-powered to ensure mobility in your disinfecting ventures.

Electrostatic sprayers save time and product, letting users quickly spray down entire surfaces and objects with the pull of a trigger. They’re extremely efficient when it comes to cleaning, sanitizing, or disinfecting, both on a large or personal scale.

If you have any questions about electrostatic sprayers and what could be best for your needs, contact us to discuss your options.