MicroBurst-2P All Purpose 18V/5.2Ah Battery Backpack Sprayer (2.5-Gallon)

$499.99 $129.99

Experience the portability of the cordless operation and lightweight tank. X-Stream Clean® sprayers provide a safe way to apply chemicals & disinfect surfaces. The heavy-duty diaphragm pump keeps you continuously spraying while the ergonomic ComfortStraps™ provides all-day comfort.

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X-Stream Clean 2.5-Gallon Battery Powered Backpack Sanitization Sprayer with a DUAL PRESSURE!

X-Stream Clean® MicroBurst™ is a highly efficient lithium-ion battery-powered backpack sprayer for the toughest cleaning, sanitation, & decontamination jobs. Experience the portability of the cordless operation and lightweight tank. X-Stream Clean® sprayers provide a safe way to apply chemicals & disinfect surfaces. The heavy-duty diaphragm pump keeps you continuously spraying while the ergonomic ComfortStraps™ provides all-day comfort. The high-quality stainless-steel components prevent damage and corrosion from harsh chemicals and evenly distribute solutions with the squeeze of the trigger. Specifically designed to make sanitation & decontamination jobs faster & easier! Effective for both open & closed spaces to X-Stream Clean® provides solutions for professionals to bring modern sanitation & cleanliness to every space! Clean with Confidence™!

Main Features

    • High-performance pump that allows you to retrofit any aftermarket nozzle. When switched on, the pump stays in recirculation mode which allows nozzles of any flow rate to be used (no pressure switch to rapid cycle),
    • 100% stainless steel gun, wand, and nozzles prevent corrosion of internal components and any leaks on the wand. Allows for spraying of harsher chemicals.
  • 100% Viton™ SEALS 
    • No seal degradation 
  • 18V / 5.2Ah LI-ION BATTERY
    • for extended spray times (includes 2.5A quick charger)
    • With the ComfortStraps™ backpack system
    • All applications including structural pest, T&0, & landscaping
  • Plus ideal for applications that
    • require a more restrictive nozzle: indoor flea treatments (carpets and floors) residential mosquito control (using Brass #B nozzle with adapter) and sanitization of surfaces

Tank Capacity:

2.5 - Gallons


18V / 5.2Ah Lithium-Ion 


75 psi or 110 psi


Heavy-Duty Diaphragm 

Spray Distance:

8-feet with included nozzles (up to 30-feet)

Spray Time:

Up to 3 Hours




300 psi Threaded Nylon PVC



    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Excellent for sanitizing

    With covid still rampant, this is an amazing way to keep business open. Spraying disinfectant on all touched surfaces is now the new normal. This makes it super easy to spray down fast-drying disinfectant. It's lightweight and easy to use from strapping on to spraying and charging.

    Honey Bunz
    Easy to use and saves time!

    This is very easy to use and has saved us a lot of time. No more pumping and toting around the tank of chemicals. This fits on like a backpack and is easy to walk around and use. The flow is consistent and the particles are very fine. I like that it comes with different accessories for different applications. This has been a good experience with this item and I find it easy to recommend.

    Get Powered Professional Sanitation!

    The sprayer is very heavy when full, but the quality of the product is extremely durable and works perfectly. A micron level powered backpack sprayer that covers the surfaces evenly and accurately. The battery has a nice charging state display built in and lasts a long time during use. I only used water to test it, but this is great for mass sanitation for office spaces, desks, doors, railings, you name it. I like how I can change the nozzle to 3 different types of microns. This product is exactly as described.

    Gunnar Vogtmann
    Easy to use

    We just strapped it on, added the required liquids and went to town. Because we are able to generate smaller sized droplets the drying time has significantly been decreased. Not having to lug it around full of liquids but on the back where it’s not noticeable as much weight wise we are able to get more done in less time. And that translates to saved money for other needed things. Came with a battery charger and a assortment of spray nozzles for different jobs. All the pieces and parts all fit together well and lines and gaps were consistent throughout the sprayer and all seem to be exclusively made for this sprayer and not from scraps laying around. Very nice quality. Four Stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️!!!

    Dean family
    Cordless Electric Backpack Sprayer For My Garden

    We have a large vegetable garden and orchard and I use a number of sprayers. I only use organic products there for pest and weed control. Along fences and the driveway, I’ll use stronger herbicides. I like to keep my sprayers segregated for organic and chemical treatments, so I added this one. I like that it is battery powered, so I don’t have to use one arm to pump constantly in order to keep the pressure up. And backpack sprayers are my go-to, especially when I have some distance to cover.

    This 2.5-gallon sprayer is a good size. I have ones that will hold 4 gallons, and they are difficult to get on my back and do slow me down. This unit feels just right. The wand clips out of my way on the side of the tank until I need it, also great for storage. The pistol grip feels good in the hand and the wand is long enough so I can reach the ground without straining my back.

    This is an 18v lithium-ion battery system that will spray for 3 hours without a recharge. I can switch the pressure from 75 to 115 psi. You get 3 different nozzles. There’s a charger for the battery.

    Tip: I always wash each sprayer out with fresh water a couple of times after use. That gets rid of any corrosive products, organic or chemical, and leaves the tank clean for the next job. Pump clean water through the wand and nozzle as well. Like I said, I keep sprayers separate for organic and chemical products, but even then, you don’t want products contaminated with the last thing applied. There is product I like to help with this process, a residue neutralizer B08T9X5YTG.

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    MicroBurst-2P All Purpose 18V/5.2Ah Battery Backpack Sprayer (2.5-Gallon)

    $499.99 $129.99